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There are two models of the S5; the S5A1 & and the S5A2

Shoot – Save – Secure – Sleep – Survive




Padded shooting mat, the unit boasts a surface area of 84” x 36” with two sets of bi-pod stops, there are two sets of MOLLE weave to enable the user to determine the right pouch/pack to couple with the unit.


[S5A2] contains carry straps around the outer perimeter. This can be used as a stretcher/gurney. The unit is designed to allow for a single person drag, two-person drag or carry a casualty with up to eight people assisting. For the hunter, this is perfect to put your harvested white-tail, mule deer, etc on and drag out. The carry handles are placed so that it can become a pole-littler as well (poles not included). Check out our video on our website to see the casualty evacuation. The same straps that secure the unit in the rolled position are used to secure a casualty to the unit.



Both units come with webbing and two side-release buckles attached. The unit can be secured in the rolled position. Additionally, the units come with a sling to secure a firearm (gun case - can secure a rifle with an overall length up to 80”), ammo, tools, equipment, etc inside. The sling enables the user to carry cross-body or on one shoulder. It can also be attached to an ATV/UTV. The units are buoyant (see video); the unit maintained positive buoyancy with a rubber M4 flanked by 2 – five-pound dumbbells, and a 220-pound man!



These units can be used as isolation/sleeping mats. They provide thermal resistance eliminating the cold ground from sucking the body heat out of you.


With the buoyancy of the unit, it can be used in any form (rolled, case, or open) to toss and save a distressed swimmer.

The S5A1 does NOT come with handles to be used as a litter